Wednesday, 29 February 2012

In Good Company....

     As a tribute to my good friend Brett Ewins, Forbidden Planet International ran a tribute blog on him and his art, 

They've very kindly run a seperate feature on some Bad Company art that Brett and I did together... for a proposed prequel we did back in 2005.

Brett was also responsible with Steve Dillon for setting up DEADLINE Magazine, which unveiled TANK GIRL to the world.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Love to all of Brett, and all his family.


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

TANK GIRL art in support of SGT Rabjohn, KIA

Your chance to bid on the pencils for my TANK GIRL Sketchbook cover.

 All funds go to the family of Sgt. Rabjohn, KIA.

  Support a good cause, and get some lovely art!

Please share this link if you would!

 xxxx Ruf

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Devil makes work....


Thanks to Paul Nicholasi for the write up on SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK. Check out his write up here!

Bookmark  the official SGDM website, and 'like' the FaceBook SGDM Page

XXX Ruf ...  SGDM/3A

Comicdom Con Athens 2012

Just received my e-ticket for the Comicdom Con Athens 2012! So excited to be going with Mike Carey... We'll get to meet Milo Manara!!
Looking forward to sketching and doing workshops on 'how to ruin a perfectly good script'...

I'm helping them organise a 2000ad art exhibition too! So there'll be some of the Galaxy's greatest art there too!
 xxx ruf

Saturday, 25 February 2012

SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK - threeA Teamup!!!

As announced late last night on threeA's Facebook page...

I'll be teaming up with the amazing threeA to release SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK, my brand new project!

threeA will be publishing the hardcopy books AND producing TOYS... I'm so bloody excited!!!I'm working on toy designs right now, and as you know threeA make the best toys in the world!!!

We'll be making more announcements and showcasing art, and sculpts at threeA's   reVENTURE HK show on April 27th-4th May in Hong Kong!!!
I'll hopefully have a few exclusive goodies to give away too!

Roll on reVENTURE!!!! See you there.

XXX Ruf.... SGDM/3A


Friday, 24 February 2012

RO JAWS..... ThreeA Toys!

My first toy design (based on Kevin O'Neill and Mick McMahon's classic work) for ThreeA will be out this March! RO JAWS!

Ro-Jaws 1/6th scale is coming from this March. Keep your eyes peeled and don't miss out on this garbage robot from the pages of 2000 AD He's a member of the ABC Warriors but in past times he was also a team member of Ro-Busters!


Friday, 17 February 2012


 It's only a flesh wound you cunts!!!! 

 The talented Martin Miller has made a custom TANK GIRL figure, from a 3A Lil’Shadow head (head customised by Lance Alexander!) and curvalicios 3A toy body!

It's based on my cover to TANK GIRL - BAD WIND RISING.

This was one of the toys I'd hoped we'd get to produce when I did the design work for the now sadly aborted TG toy venture (sadly, it wasn't to be...)

Anyway... enjoy this Custom job in all her glory!

 I'm inspired to make my own now actually!


TANK GIRL - BAD WIND RISING trade paper back cover

Monday, 13 February 2012

Staff Sergeant Tom Rabjohn Memorial

Staff Sergeant Tom Rabjohn Memorial 

      On October 3, 2009, Staff Sergeant Tom Rabjohn was killed in action when he discovered an Improvised Explosive Device was about to detonate. Tom had moments to act and shielded two other soldiers from the blast.

Staff Sergeant Tom Rabjohn
     Tom's friend, Mark Schweikert, a fellow police officer, has organised a memorial appeal to raise money for Tom Rabjohn's family.
     I've donated the original pencilled art to the cover of my sketchbook, and a colour print of the finished art. It will go live on EBAY in 2 weeks... I'll post a link as soon as it's live online.

     I hope you'll bid generously... it's going towards an extremely good and worthy cause.

Check out Mark's COMIC ART FANS gallery, and you'll see some of the incredible art donated, that will be auctioned off.

Thanks for your support everyone.

xxx Ruf

Artwork donated to the Memorial

Me and Mark Schweikert at SDCC with the Art and Print for the Auction

Monday, 6 February 2012


Last day to vote for Eagle Award nominations..

We'd love your nominations for Tank Girl 'Bad Wind Rising' (UK Colour series) and 'We hate Tank Girl' etc... (US b&W collection), and let's get Sofie Dodgson nominated for her great colouring too!
I think I've been nominated in best Penciller section, so any support's very welcome.♥