Sunday, 2 December 2012



     Just to prove I'm managing to get a little work done here in NZ, while visiting My Dad (who's unfortunately ill)... some more thumbnails for SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK.

Had a lot to do in between hospital visits and stuff, so work has been sporadic, and it's been tough to stay focussed.

     We've been really lucky though... our family have all rallied together, and be so supportive. <3 p="p">It's also given me the opportunity to find all my art from the fanzines and punk posters I did when I was a kid... so when I get home, I'm going to scan them and try and put a book together with my old Zine mates as a collection.

In Auckland Museum of Art

      I've managed to get out to Auckland art gallery, and loved the inflatable ceiling flowers, the zoo, where I walked around looking like a member of Al Queda, as I hid from the sun...

Rocking out at Auckland Zoo... Al Queda style.

and finally on Friday I managed to have drinks with my buddies Dylan Horrocks, Chris Slane, Ben Stenbeck, Ant Sang, and Lars Cawley! It was so great to see all these talented lovely guys again. I'm fucking lucky to have such great friends.

Dylan Horrocks, amazing artist of HICKSVILLE

Adrian, and my friend Lars Cawley

Barry Linton the NZ comic book legend, the wonderful Chris Slane, and the cherubic BenStenbeck

Chris Slane and Ben Stenbeck

Ben.... not just a pretty face.

      Thanks to all my friends back home in London too, especially Sofie and Lucy who are babysitting Ripley, my cat! <3 p="p">
I'd best get scribbling!
Love, tanks and coffee!