Monday, 29 October 2012

MCM EXPO 26-28 OCT. 2012

MCM EXPO 26-28 OCT. 2012

Me, Tankie (Livvii Edwards) and Sofie Dodgson

Thank you Everyone for an amazing show at the MCM Expo! Thanks to the Organisers, volunteers, all the incredible Cosplayers, fans and supporters!

This was the first show that Sofie Dodgson and I have done together to promote SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK our upcoming book from 3A! Sofie's writing the story with me.

     We also signed a whole bunch of Tank Girl stuff (Sofie worked with me on We hate Tank Girl and Bad Wind Rising)  and met some amazing Tank Girls and Jet Girls!
Thanks everyone for your support and kindness... we met so many cool people!

Now getting ready for THOUGHT BUBBLE Comic Con in Leeds in a few weeks (16-18 Nov.)... see you all there!


Cat in Toast checking out our art!

Steam Tankie!!

Me and Sofie hard at work!

Punch the Penguin and his sketch....

Drawing a commission piece...

Mobile Suit Robo-Rufie

Me and Clarence, Mobile SUIT Gundam (Geddit huh huh?)

Tankie in a penguin cap....of course.

Over and out.....
XXXX Ruf and Sof... Team SGDM