Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ronald Searle

   When I was really young, my Dad gave me his copies of the Nigel Molesworth books by the extraordinary Ronald Searle. (My Dad has always had good taste...)
Apart from 2000ad, these probably had the biggest impact on my young brain... with their scratchy lines, brutal caricatures, vile children and and beastly teachers.
   I never got the opportunity to meet Mr Searle... but my love of his work has never diminished.

    This year at San Diego Comic Con, I chance by a booth that had an original Searle TV Guide cover for sale, a caricature of the stars of Bonanza, from the mid 1960s. I'd never seen a colour Searle before in the flesh...and I stood gaping at it... both lost in wonder, and wishing I had the money.

     My friend Ashley stepped in, and BOUGHT it for me... I was both utterly thrilled and deeply grateful... It's something I will cherish forever, made even more special coming from a good friend.

Anyway...enjoy the art... I am.

Thanks again Ashbot! XXX
Very gratefully,