Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Glasgow Comic Con!

Death? What do YOU know about Death. I am Death.

A commission done at Glasgow Comic Con!
Thank you to everyone that attended Glasgow Comic Con, and to the great Organizers, and helpers!

Sammy TG and Me

What an amazing show!

Christopher and Sammy TG!

I got to meet so many cool people, and met some super artists and writers! .....and even drew a few pictures too!
I got to hang out with Jim Starlin and his lovely wife Sunny, John "the Man' Wagner, Alan Grant, Frank Quitely and a gaggle of local Glasgow talent! It's a hot bed of talent there!!!

Me and Jim Starlin sketching!

Jim Starlin, Eddie Deighton and Myself talking at the Con!

John Wagner!!

Chloe with her birthday commission!

Drokking 'Ell... finally, the face under the Helmet!

SGDM commission sketch in a tankie book!

Tankie commission in the hardback of BWR!