Monday, 18 June 2012


Daughters of the SGDM

    I started this painting last week, but I got a bit sidetracked (Well completely sidetracked!) by family events... but happily, I think things have been resolved, and I can get back to badly painting things in my studio of doom.

The paintings is of the daughters of the SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK, the death goddess, and is for an upcoming SGDM/3A Print!

I'll do a quick run through on how I painted it...
I started by gesso-ing a cut piece of marine Plywood, and transferring my sketch onto it, with carbon paper. Then I painted the line work in sepia/black mix acrylic ink.

The sketch which I transferred using carbon paper!

The finished line work on the easel.

After finishing the line work, I then did some dirty washes as a base, then got carried away trialling some tonal work (Which was completely covered up when I painted over, so lesson learnt...I hope)


Then I started laying down base areas, doing the interior of the heads, and brains, then hair, then started working on the faces. I also painted the background a watery grey, as I wanted them floating in space, but thought white would be too harsh (and too hard to keep clean!)

Work in progress!

I eventually completely reprinted the right hand side of the head, reshaping the eye, eyebrow, lips, and nose. Not sure it helped... but sometimes you have to try!

Right, now I'd best get on with the rest of my work!

Rufus - SGDM