Monday, 14 May 2012

Do the Slam!!!

Absolutely iconic art from the Circle Jerks first album cover, which I'm now lucky enough to own.

Shawn Kerri was a hugely talented artist who did art for a lot of the early punk bands (The Germs, TSOL, Circle Jerks)  in LA, and she never got the credit (or payment) she deserved.

This album, and art was hugely influential on me, as a little punk rocker, and definitely influenced the way I draw comic books, and certainly a lot of my work on Tank Girl was a nod to this.

Thank you so much to William Wray, I can't thank you enough...

xxxx Ruf - SGDM


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biopunk said...

That is so cool Rufus!

My favourite piece by Shawn is the back cover to D.O.A.'s War on '45.

Which makes me wonder if you were subtly influenced in some of your artwork by the Clay Sampson "Gen. Custer" cover of that album?

Cheers for sharing!