Thursday, 29 March 2012

COMICDOM Con Athens, 30 MARCH - 1 APRIL 2012

I'll be arriving in Athens tomorrow evening, and can't wait to meet you all at Comicdom Con Athens 2012!

I'm giving a talk/presentation on Saturday at 12pm on 'From script to finished page', so come and laugh at me!

On Sunday there's a Q&A at 3 pm with Mike Carey and Yildiray Cinar!

The rest of the time I'll be about and signing and sketching...and drinking and eating and probably talking too much...

There's also a show of original 2000ad artwork to celebrate 2000ad's 35th Anniversary so I've lent loads of classic artwork for the occasion...

So... come and meet some amazing writers and artists and check out some classic thrill powered artwork!

See you there!