Saturday, 25 February 2012

SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK - threeA Teamup!!!

As announced late last night on threeA's Facebook page...

I'll be teaming up with the amazing threeA to release SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK, my brand new project!

threeA will be publishing the hardcopy books AND producing TOYS... I'm so bloody excited!!!I'm working on toy designs right now, and as you know threeA make the best toys in the world!!!

We'll be making more announcements and showcasing art, and sculpts at threeA's   reVENTURE HK show on April 27th-4th May in Hong Kong!!!
I'll hopefully have a few exclusive goodies to give away too!

Roll on reVENTURE!!!! See you there.

XXX Ruf.... SGDM/3A