Thursday, 26 January 2012

TANK GIRL - BAD WIND RISING - Hardcover Collection out NOW!

       TANK GIRL - BAD WIND RISING - Hardcover Collection out NOW!

      Our lovely collection of our mini series TANK GIRL - BAD WIND RISING is out now, in a beautiful hardback collection from Titan Books.
      I'm enormously proud of this series, and I think it's a beautiful swan song for me leave TANK GIRL on.
     I'd like to thank Sofie 'Danger' Dodgson who coloured the series and really went beyond the call of duty, Steve 'De Nada' White my incredibly very patient editor, Lori Petty for always having the keys to the tank, Nicola 'Bang Tidy' Bell for making me smile, and Christian 'Big Daddy' Krank who is always supportive, a great friend, and coloured the other Tankie series.
Also thanks to Nicole 'Super' Powers for her unwavering support and always banging the drum, Alix 'Foxy McFoxilicios' Fox for being bubblier than a crate of shaken champagne, Sarah 'Hattie' Watson for being Tankie on the cover of Issue 3.

Most importantly, I'd like to thank all of you for supporting us, buying our books, turning up at the signings and Cons, and all the lovely mail I've received. You have no idea how much it's appreciated.

I've loved working on TANK GIRL, it's been a blast.
I'm very excited about the new opportunities ahead... working with Vertigo at DC Comics, doing stuff for 2000ad, designing stuff at ThreeA Toys, and working on my own series, SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK!

You can order the hardback on Amazon really cheap...

In the US/CANADA/Worldwide - AMAZON.COM

In the United Kingdom/Europe - AMAZON.CO.UK

Or if you're feeling lucky punk.... SFXiNow are giving away some copies with an embarrassingly easy question.....

Anyhoo.... back to work for me... I've got a tonne of stuff to draw.

Love and Tanks
Team Tank Girl.... Over and Out 

Love and Tanks everyone xxxxx