Tuesday, 3 January 2012


R.I.P. Ronald Searle, Britain's greatest cartoonist.

     He was of course best known for his St.Trinian's Girls, but for me ... it will always be the grumpy adolescent schoolboy, Nigel Molesworth, of St.Custard's that shaped my young mind.... My Dad gave me the Molesworth books when I was little...I learned to draw copying them....

      Mr Searle was truly one of my greatest inspirations. His art radiates fun, love, naughtiness, and life. ♥
I did this piece in TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS as a tip of the hat to both his influence on me as an
artist, and as a devout reader of his Molesworth books.

We will never see his like again.

I'm truly heart broken.
XXX Rufus