Thursday, 29 September 2011


Another sketch to be given away with the limited edition GYCLEE print!
xxx Ruf, Team Tankie!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Another couple of sketches done to give away with the Limited Edition GYCLEE Print!

Each print comes with a unique original sketch on Bristol Board.

I added the greytone and logo for blogging!

Time... to die...

Dull knives... and even duller wit....   Prepare yourselves, for

Teething problems. The making of a cover.

Going through some old files today... I found these l'il chaps..

The second issue cover to TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS.   This shows Tankie as a schoolgirl protecting her new friend Barney (Who has just started at Tankie's school)
My printed version of the cover

This cover proved problematic.. the publishers didn't like my all red colouring (My version on the left), so without asking an editor tried to recolour it, and did what can only be described as a fucking awful job.. (His is on the right) I threatened to eat his family. Thankfully, They used my version..... but only AFTER I kicked up a fuss.

   The editor claimed his unsolicited version was more user friendly, and 'pop art'. ...hmmmm..   It still makes me want to kill.... when in doubt, Editor's should ask for revisions, not take it upon themselves to do it.

The Editor's 'improved' version

Anyhoo...This cover was also designed by my son, Fin. Who drew his stick man version on a napkin when we were sitting in a cafe.
So... Thanks Fin.

xxx Ruf

Monday, 26 September 2011

Solid Gold....

Massive Battle Bitch.... she has a lot to think about. Fighting off her homicidal sister, resizing that XXL Misfits tour t shirt, and keeping a 3 tonne penguin happy. 


     As mentioned previously.... I've done a very limited edition signed Gyclee Print.

Each one comes with a unique A5 sized Original piece of art!
  Each piece is drawn on A5 Bristol Board.

Order one at ARTDROIDS now!

Here's one of the sketches....
The Print with 5 original sketches!

another sketch!

Friday, 23 September 2011


Recently, John Freeman asked me if I’d be up for drawing the cover for the second issue of the soon to be launched comic book, STRIP.
     Best of all…. The cover was of HOOKJAW, from ACTION, the 70s most mischievous comic book, and certainly the bloodiest thing to ever see print in mainstream UK Comics!!!
    Ramon Sola is one of my absolute heroes, and he drew HOOKJAW in ACTION weekly.. so I was very excited about drawing this cover! 
   Hook jaw is being remastered for STRIP Magazine by Gary Caldwell and Jim Campbell in sparkling new colour, with no script edits (there will be no Greedo shot first type nonsense!)

    I originally wanted to show the whole of HookJaw… and thought I’d try the old 70s technique of putting another panel within his shape… so the Screaming diver is ‘reflected’ in HookJaw’s body… but I thought it looked kinda messy.

    So I tried it with the diver superimposed inside HookJaw’s mouth.. to suggest what was about to happen to him…  but again…  I thought it looked kinda confusing, and was a bit too busy.. no breathing space, so I abandonned that one too!
    I added the strap line to the cover to make sure I’d left enough room for type.. and to my delight… John used it on the final cover! Death from below... get out of the water while you still can!

    Eventually, I went for a real 70s comic book approach…. The diver almost reaching the surface, and HookJaw looming over him.  This also meant I could emphasize the ocean, and blood!
  This is probably as close to drawing my childhood comics as I’ll get…  I can’t wait to see it in print!

STRIP Magazine PREVIEWS Code for Issue 1 (on sale 20th October) is Code is JUL117915

The Magazine is only on sale in UK comic shops but the plan is to re-launch in newsagents in 2012. 

Issue 2 (my cover!) is on sale 17th November.

 Stay off the beach!

Monday, 19 September 2011


I was in Soho on Saturday, dropping off the prints at Orbital comics for the exhibition.

On the way back, I stopped into the new Gosh Comics shop, on Berwick Street (which you should check’s amazing).

Browsing the shelves, I had a tap on the shoulder, and turned around to finf Adam Ant grinning at me.

We drew him in a story in ‘Visions of Booga’, and he asked if I still had the art, as he’d like it.

He also mentioned that he loved this picture…. which just happens to be the same look he went out on tour with earlier this year!  I inadvertently styled my childhood icon!

XXX Ruf … Team Tankie style dept.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Dee Dee Ramone would've been 60 years old today....

His music was the soundtrack to my childhood... (and, err... most of my 'adulthood' too) .

I met Dee Dee here in London in the 90s, and he was a very funny guy... I'm still friends with his wife Barbara, and as a tribute to him, we made him into a character in our book TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS.

It seemed fitting he'd be a switch blade knife obsessed, skateboarding, racing car driver... in a red rocket powered VW with a pickelhaube on top (with the racing number '1,2,3,4!' of course!!).

Now the good folks at DEEDEERAMONE.COM have done a little article on our book, and how I met him.
They have limited edition signed books available too.... each with a little sketch!

I'll hopefully be designing some stuff for them soon too.. as we are all one big happy family... just like the Ramones.
Thanks again to Barbara for her generousity. xxx

Gabba Gabba Love to all the hoppin' Cretins!,
Rufus xxxx

Saturday, 17 September 2011


    This is a signed Gyclee print limited to an edition of 20 prints.
    Each print has been signed and numbered by the Tank Girl series artist, Rufus Dayglo.

     This print has been specially created for an exhibition in London at Orbital Comics, and there will be only 20.

     As an added bonus, each print comes with an A5 size random sketch of Tank Girl on Bristol board, so you're not only getting a beautiful print, but also a piece of original art.

    Prints and sketches can be signed to purchaser.
The Print is A3 size, on Fotospeed art paper, 300g/m2

£ 45.00 for print and sketch

Click on the above post to connect to link!

Love'n Tanks!

                                      Some examples of the sketches accompanying the Print!

The framed piece for the Orbital show, with an unframed print, and some sketches!

Friday, 16 September 2011

LONDON MCM EXPO COMIC CON - October 28-30 2011

London MCM Expo Comic Con 28-30th October at the Excel Centre.

Come along... I'll be sketching, signing, drinking,stealing toys, and wrestling... (well... dunno about the wrestling)

I'll have Original Tank Girl Art, Prints, sketchbooks, and some comics for sale too!

Team Tankie Drinking Team Champion

Blast from the past...

This was the second cover from the English release of TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS, in the Judge Dredd Megazine, in 2008.
You can never have too many severed heads...

XXX Ruf..Team Tankie Head Hunters Club

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

SWALC - September 10, 2011, Lord Clyde Pub, London Photos!

    Many thanks to all the people who came to the Lord Clyde pub for the first ever SWALC mini arts festival organised by ex-Deadline editor Si Spencer!
     It was a lovely afternoon out, with much cider, scribbling, and good friends!

      I arrived at the event with my newly wed friends Sofie and Chris on their Ural motorbike and sidecar! It was a fitting arrival for the Artist, and colourist of Tank Girl!
Sofie and Chris, apart from being some of my bestest friends, are also the couple I model Tankie and Booga on.       They are ace.

My sister came down too... so we shared ciders, and picked on each other... a perfect family get together!

 We quickly made ourselves at home, showing people original Tank Girl art, and signing and sketching books for people... we even had a pub lunch.... all Comics events should be held in Pubs... it'd save everyone leaving Conventions looking for a bar or pub!!

My folio and a book to be signed... on a soggy cider splattered pub table! woohoo!

a sketch in the front of a 'Visions of Booga' book!

Si really outdid himself... running around being the perfect host... he even made us name badges... (Apparently this was done the night before... possibly under the influence of much alcohol!)

People brought and bought books to be signed... it was really lovely.

My sis with her TG badge...

Chris gets over familiar with the merchandise....

Sof's customised Wank Girl badge.... don't try this at home kids... you'll go blind.

I even drew Godzilla getting the crap kicked out of him while he's playing Gameboy... he was so close to a high score on Mario art too... le sigh..

Sofie...our very own Tank Girl... after a few ciders...

and finally back onto the bike we staggered and back to the Batcave... What a great day.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK is the upcoming series from TANK GIRL artist Rufus Dayglo.
The new series will be available as an App, and to view online for FREE, and will be then made available as signed and sketched limited edition trade paper  backs.
Full website soon!

Thursday, 8 September 2011


      I’ll be taking part in Orbital Comics Self Portrait show in London Town which opens on the 19th Sept.
     I’ll have a signed numbered limited edition gyclee print of my picture available for sale! (See jpg… that’s me on her shirt…)

I’ll try and get some up for sale in my Original art for sale section (See top of my Tumblr page)
xx Ruf!

Highest Trails Above!

Highest Trails above!

As you may know, Dee Dee appeared in our series TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS as the racing car driver of a rocket propelled Volkswagon, co-piloted by Jet Girl, as they race to help save Barnie's life, and rescue Tank Girl!

It's Dee Dee's Birthday coming up soon, and I'll hopefully have some fun Dee Dee Ramone related news to report soon!

Gabba Gabba Love!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Piss artist....

I'll be taking part in Orbital Comics Self Portrait Exhibition on the 19th September til the 15th October 2011.   (Follow the link!)
  This will be on display as a print, and there'll be a signed limited edition available.

So pop in, Orbital is the best Comics shop in London... I can't recommend them highly enough!

ALSO.... this weekend on the 10th September is SWALC - Creative Fun Event, at the Lord Clyde Pub in
Essex Road...  all the details are on the Facebook page!
     I'll be there signing, sketching and selling art and prints!

See you there I hope!!

Love'n Tanks...

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Never give up.

       I'm pretty lucky. I get to sit and draw silly pictures all day, and from the earliest age my parents indulged me in this.
       I've heard many horror stories from other artists about their parents telling them  to 'grow up', 'get a job', or do something 'realistic'.

      My Dad bought me comics, drew me pictures, taught me to build models, and
indulged my obsession with robots and Star Wars.
      He let me live in my crazy little bubble, which has somehow expanded to become my little world. (Or piece of it)

     My Dad has done many different things in his life, from advertising Coca Cola (and starting my lifelong obsession with it.. it's a wonder I have any teeth), to running shops specialising in 35mm cameras to antique watches. As a family we travelled the world, and got to live and see some amazing places.
      He now works for a production company producing films and tv in China.... and as I type he's on location in Mongolia.

     What I've always admired most is his ability to keep going. When things have gone wrong, (and they do for all of us, at some time or another) he didn't feel sorry for himself.   He didn't give up.
     He got up and did something else.   He'd make a new challenge for himself.  He sees everything as an opportunity.
      This has always inspired me, and also made me realise that what I do is up to me. People can try and stop you, but ultimately if you REALLY want to do something you'll do it. (How well you do it is up to you too!) 
      It's the best gift he ever gave me. The confidence to just get on with things... I may not succeed as highly as I hope... but at least I'll try.

My Dad lives in NZ these days... which is pretty far away.... and today it's Fathers' day there... and I wish I was there to give him a hug, and tell him how much I love and admire him.

Thanks Dad.

Note - The photo was taken at the end of my street, and the lovely sign is made by local artist, Henry Stringer.

Saturday, 3 September 2011


I was having a dig through a pile of papers in my desk today, looking for a lost sketch.
     This happens a my unique filing systems involves making lots of small piles, which then get transferred to big stacks, these then get hidden under the desk, bookshelves, and even under the bed.

This means I occasionally find stuff I've completely forgotten I've done...

I found this little bunch in an envelope. They were sketches done for Matt Smith (Tharg, to you), the editor of 2000ad, and the Megazine.

Alan and I had just started doing TANK GIRL for the Megazine, and Matt had commissioned me to do a cover to launch it.
     Matt asked me to have Tank Girl and Judge Dredd head to head... but I wasn't wild about that idea, as Dredd had already gone head to head with everyone from Batman to Judge Death...
    So my initial ideas were to maybe have her on Dredd's she'd nicked it, or taken it for a joy ride..  (These are just thumbnails, so they are very very rough)

I then played around with just a head shot (with hints of dredd, He's reflected in her eyes, and I added his badge etc..)... but I ditched these ideas, as felt I needed to really 'introduce' Tankie and Booga to the 2000ad audience..

I quite like the one with the tank on her head... but I felt it wasn't a good introduction..
So I then did some more full body shots...

The first I ended up using as our first promotional images of our TANK GIRL - SKIDMARKS series (In the final art, I separated TG and Booga... and intended to overlay them again.. but I forgot....and they were used separately!), the second piece I almost used for a Comics International Magazine cover.. but I changed TG and Booga around, and had Tankie holding Dredd's helmet... and hey presto... we had a cover... and my first Tank Girl cover.

Enough babbling... time to do some more work!
Love'n tanks!