Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Next stop...


I hope I'll see you all (or some at least..) at the third annual Paris Comic Con!!

I'd better pack!!

Love n Tanks,

Monday, 27 June 2011

PARIS COMIC CON - 30th June - 3rd JULY

 Bonjour Mes Petite Chou Fleurs....
   Thanks to the lovely people at ANKAMA Editions, our French publishers of TANK GIRL, I'll be at the third edition of PARIS COMIC CON this weekend!

I'll be there signing, sketching, and failing to speak French.  So please come say hi, and get a book!

I'll be bringing along some original TANK GIRL art for sale too!
See you on the 30th!

Love'n tanks,
Ruf, Team Tankie Baguette Div.


Been asked for advice on how to become a Comic Book artist recently..
This note by the late master, Gene Colan sums it up perfectly.
Note courtesy of Cliff Meth

Have a beautiful day!
x x x Ruf

Quick Questions on Irish Comic News!

    I was over in Derry recently at the 2D Comics Festival and answered some quick questions about what I do, and what I'll be doing for the Irish Comic News team!


Love'n tanks!

Friday, 24 June 2011


 My lovely friend Cliff Meth (Who wrote our mini series SNAKED for IDW) has blogged about the passing of Gene Colan, the great artist who brought life to so many iconic characters.

          I loved Gene's work on the Dracula books.. his amazing ability to so dynamically and fluidly bring the characters to life, and his stunning compositions. His work is so far beyond anything I could comprehend achieving, and yet it looks so effortless, a true Master of his craft.

  If you can afford to,  please pledge a few dollars/pounds to the HERO INITIATIVE in Gene's name, to support other Comic Book Greats... These guys and gals created our childhood dreams, and now need OUR help.
Let's make a difference, and give back a little of the kindness they gave us.

RIP Mr Colan, thank you for all the beauty you brought us.... and thanks Cliff for all your kindness.

Nuff said.
Ruf.. Team Tankie

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

SWALC - September 10, 2011, Lord Clyde Pub, London

My lovely friend Si Spencer (ex-Deadline Editor) is organising a great new event at the best place possible... his local pub. The man always was a genius.
 Come along and share art, stories, drinks, get sketches, and time with a load of Comics Professionals ...all completely for free... (Although I think we'll be buying Si a few rounds..)
I'm really excited by this... I love little events, and this is local to me..so I'm doubly excited.
Check out the FACEBOOK page here...

See you there!!
xxx Ruf..

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Here's the scanned Tank Girl Painting I did yesterday...
It's 7 x 9 1/2 inches, on Plywood. Acrylic and medium.

Love n Tanks!
xxx Ruf


         I'm heading off to Marrakech tomorrow morning for 5 days.  I'm so excited.... I can't wait to wander the Medina, and souks, and buy 50 pairs of badly made slippers....

I've still not packed...and for 41 degree heat... what the hell am I supposed to pack anyway?!
 3 jumpers? Woolen socks? This is a stylist's nightmare scenario. I need a kaftan.

I don't know if I'll have the internet at my Riad.. ( I assume so..) , but I'll take lots of crap photos, with my thumb in the corner, and post them whenever I can...or whenever I'm sober enough.

 If I'm slow answering messages, my apologies... I'm having fun...what are you doing?


Tuesday, 14 June 2011


   Well... I'm now covered in Acrylic paint, and in need of a fresh coffee..and more chocolate.

I started working on the face.. and realised the nose was well wonky... So I had to paint over it..I also made her lips more raised at the edges, into a smirk! Painted the furry hat purple... I also added in the eyes...

New Nose, and better defined eyes...

Started painting the Hat Logo, underpainted the hair, and rockets etc...
Most importantly ate a Reese cupcake 3 pack and a bar of Green and Black's Almond chocolate..

Added blood on cheek, and  painted back in the straps and arrow.. Highlighted hair in blue (to go with the purple hat..)
     Filled in her Hat logo, and added details on rockets!

Final Piece... I tidied up the white BG, and painted out all the little bits I'd overlapped...
The piece is only 4 1/2 X 7 Inches on Plywood.. and pretty scratchy.. but hey, I never said I was  Michaelangelo...

Love'n tanks,
x x x x
  Team Tank Girl, Tony Hart Art Attack Div.


  The last few years I've done quite a few Tank Girl covers....

My usual technique is to pencil the art, then do acrylic washed in greyscale (just watered down lack acrylic ink) over the top. I then scan the B&W art, and colour in Photoshop.
  I enjoy this process... but recently I've wanted to start painting in colour again.. partly for my own enjoyment, partly for my new project.

So I'm noodling with some acrylics on plywood...

Firstly... pencil a sketch...

Ink in the picture as a guide...

Base coat loosely applied...

Start 'fleshing' it out.... literally...

still noodling...

Will update soon!
xxx Ruf.. Team Tankie Crayon Bobsled squad...

2000ad talk!

I hosted a 2000ad panel at 2D Festival with (from Left) Me, Mike Collins, William Simpson, Glenn Fabry, Mick McMahon, and Garry Leach! 

      I was so lucky to get the opportunity to talk to these guys! Alan and Mick's TANK GIRL is out in September... so order it soon! 

<3 Rufus Dayglo, Team Tankie x x x

 (from Left) Me, Mike Collins, William Simpson, Glenn Fabry, Mick McMahon, and Garry Leach! 

Mick McMahon talks about his work on 2000ad

Garry Leach nursing a Corona talks about the VCs!

Will Simpson attempting to look philosophical! Glenn slips into another dimension in search of Slaine!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


   Rather delighted to announce I will be attending my first San Diego Comic Con with Ashley Wood's ThreeA Toys , as a designer, and artist.

I am so excited.

   Hopefully see you there!
Ruf.. Team Tankie!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Jet Girl sketch!

Quick sketch of Jet Girl done for someone who purchased some original TANK GIRL art!

TANK GIRL Original Art is available at... ARTDROIDS

xxx Ruf..Team Tankie Art Dept.  

Monday, 6 June 2011

2D COMICS FESTIVAL 2011 .... a survivor babbles...

        Managed to struggle home last night from Stanstead airport, through the pouring rain at Liverpool Street.. ah London.... you know how to welcome a soul home!
               I can honestly say that this year's 2D Comics festival was an absolute roaring success. We had more guests than ever before, and we were blessed with the most beautiful weather. The Sun shone down over Derry town, and for all the world we could have been on the Riviera!

       Thanks must go to David Campbell at the Verbal Arts Centre, who's tireless enthusiasm makes this annual show possible, and our dear friend, Garry Leach, master artist at large, and mother hen , who herded all the cats, and risked a nervous breakdown trying to organise all the guests!

 L to R standing, David Hine, D'israeli (half obscured in white top), Phil Winslade , Pippa Winslade
 L to R seated, Garry Leach, Mike Collins , Will Simpson, outside SANDINO'S BAR

        The Verbal arts Centre was flooded with visitors on Saturday, people queuing to meet Comics legends like Mick McMahon (yes.. Mick McMahon, sketching for the crowd..I could've wept),  Glenn Fabry,  Mike Collins, Garry Leach,  Mark Chiarello (All the way from NYC!!), Will Simpson, David Hine,  D'Israeli, Phil Winslade,  Rob Davis, Nick Roche, PJ Holden, Gary Northfield,  Jim Medway, Vicky Stonebridege, Stephen Downey, and err... me. (leg end... or at best bell end, I know, I know...)

Stormtroopers keeping the crowd under control!

The crowd was relentless all of Saturday! It was an incredible turn out!

Gary Northfield, Jim Medway and others signing and sketching!

The classes were all very well attended, and taught you how to create your own comics, design robots and do cartooning!
 Garry Leach and David Hine tutoring pupils on how to create Comics at the Verbal Arts Centre!

In the evenings there were Talks and Creator discussion panels at the magnificent Sandino's Bar, our home away for home. I plan to take up residency on the floor, under the bar!

L to R, Mark Chiarello, Mike Collins, Will Simpson and Phil Winslde entertaining the crowd at Sandino's on the 'Breaking in to Comics' panel!

 I got to interview Glenn Fabry and Mick McMahon in front of an audience... which was bloody terrifying, but great fun!  I felt very honoured to be even in the same room... (if only I could go back in time, and tell my ten year old self I've been able to do this!)

Writer Denise Mina, and DC Comics Mark Chiarello discussing  their working process on a panel!

Will Simpson checks out Phil Winslade's stunning sketchbooks, while Mike Collins gets waaay too familiar...

Matt 'D'Israeli' Brooker wielding his camera. He's such an amazingly talented artist, and he was a fabulous guest, and also took a tonne of photos of the Con!

Nick 'Mr.Transformers' Roche sketching an incredible Hellboy illo for a fan in Sandino's Bar!

Mothers....lock up your daughters! Artist Rob Davis, in between bedazzling Derry's womenfolk, he produced amazing sketches, and was fantastic company! What a star!

Garry Leach and me failing not to giggle on BBC NI services. What Pros...

Every surface in Derry centre seemed to have 2d festival posters on it! They were in all the shops, pubs and bars, and on walls near and far! Tank girl conquers Norn Iron!!!!
Some sketches! Everyone was so lovely... <3 Thanks for coming along.
Even Harlequin loves Tanky...

Born to thrill!  This made my day!

2D Comics Festival is a unique show...  It's a step back in time to when Comics were for everyone, not just the fanboys. we had families, kids, boys, girls, cosplayers, passersby, and hardcore Comics fans mingling, drawing, chatting to creators, and having fun.
   There's hardly anything to buy at this show..it's about meeting others... in the art world, and your own communities. I met kids who'd become friends at previous years' shows and were now making their own books.
  Derry is incredibly lucky to have both the Verbal Arts Centre, it's amazing staff, and someone as forward thinking as David Campbell.
   David's helped created something which reaches out to everyone, from all communities, and the smiles on everyones faces said it all. People had travelled from across Ireland and the UK to come to Derry, to enjoy this Festival...I'm truly awestruck.
     Thanks again to everyone who came along, took the time to come and talk, show us their art, attend the classes, panels and after hour drinks..it was magical.
     Every time I go back to Derry, I feel like I've come home to friends.
Stick that in your pipe, Kapow.

Love'n Tanks!
x x x Ruf..Team Tankie Pencil Divison

Friday, 3 June 2011

2D COMICS FESTIVAL starts today!

          I'm here in Derry, Northern Ireland for the fifth Festival, organised by David Campbell, and the Verbal arts Centre!

         It's a fantastic little show, and this year has some ammmmazing guests!! We have my absolute hero,  artist Mick McMahon,  who I can't rave about enough. He redined British comics, and influenced generations of artists.
         Mark Chiarello has flown in from NYC, and will be doing portfolio reviews.. He's one of DC Comics head honchos!
         Glenn Fabry, another legend, arrives today!  Garry Leach is here, and will be teaching master classes... he's a bloody genius, and what he doesn't know about Comics isn't worth knowing!
       We also have David Hine (one of the loveliest guys you could meet!),  D'Israeli, Phil Windslade, Gary Northfield, PJ Holden, Vicky Stonebridge,and many more!
    Garry Leach and I were interviewed on BBC Radio NI yesterday, and Garry of course didn't turn his bloody phone off.. we're such pros..we both got the giggles, and looked like two monkeys locked in a glass cage. The poor sound woman...

Posters for the show are all over the City! It's lovely to see Tanky proudly appearing everywhere!  Apparently they've had a lot of good feedback about this year's poster.

Today we start doing classes, talks, and signings..and much drinking...
This show's pretty unique in that ou can literally hang out and drink with the Pros.. we'll all be down in Sandino's bar every evening.  Follow the trail of pens and pencils!

I'll update you all tomorrow!
x x x x Ruf, Team Tankie Propaganda Minister