Monday, 19 December 2011

MY DRUG BUDDY... or, How NOT to paint a picture.

I think I might've actually finished this little painting!

Finished painting, amongst the debris on my table!

I started it a month ago, as a quick little thing....and it quickly went wrong. I drew the linework in with a pen that wasn't waterproof, and when i underpainted smeared evvvvverywhere!

Rough Pencil work on board, and the original doodle!!

Line work done in stupid fucking non waterproof ink...way to go, Team Stupid.

So..I had to seal it with spray...and draw over... it was a massive pain in the arse...and time wise, I'd have been better starting again.

Smmmmmear! Line work dissolving when i tried under painting it!!

Sealed the line work, under painted it all in red/brown, now regretting having even started this!!!

Things always get worse before they get better... or something....

At this point, I'm praying that Sean Philips will descend from Painters' Valhalla and save this bloody thing for me... help me Obi Wan... you're my only hope...

Stay on target.... getting there...maybe...

Quit while you're ahead...or losing... ;)

But it was a nice thing to work on in the evenings when my friend Alysha Nett was visiting!

I finished it off with a purple bandana, to try and unify the red shirt and blue koala (Thannks Sofie...for the sage advice).   I then touched up the line work... with a biro and paint...

I might sell this... trying to decide... it's sat for a month on my kitchen table...and I've become oddly fond of this annoying little bugger.

I'll scan it properly tonight and upload!

XXX Rufus... Team Tankie / SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK


X-Solution:Revolution said...

What kind of paints are those?

Rufus Dayglo said...

Hi X/R,
They're acrylic paints, and I've used a gel medium, to give it more 'body'.

Acrylics usually dry very flat, and dead, but gel medium thickens them, like juicy oil paint!


X-Solution:Revolution said...

Thanks! I actually didn't expect you to reply.

Rufus Dayglo said...

Always happy to answer questions!

D2G said...

Thanks for this Rufus. It's really helpful to see progress shots and it's good to see other peoples doubts and how the piece comes together at the end. The image is sweet and the scarf is immense, looks really good.

I use sometimes acrylic, well I have a tendency of using all sorts, but I didn't know you could use a gel medium, so I will definitely be trying that out, so cheers for the tip.