Thursday, 15 December 2011


I  was commissioned to do the trade paper back cover for the second volume of MEGACITY UNDERCOVER series by 2000ad a couple of months ago… but I wasn’t able to blog about it until now!  (It’s up on Amazon…. So I think I’m pretty safe!
The finished lettered Cover

It collects recent Low Life Stories written by the Razor sharp Rob Williams, and drawn by Dazzling D’Israeli, Sizzling Simon Coleby, and..err… me, Rickety Rufus.
The first volume had a cover by Jock..and it’s fucking stunning…. So the bar was set at an already ridiculous height… I just had to try not to fall completely flat on my big fat face!!
Jock's cover for Volume One... sigh... swoon

 I wanted the second volume to sit alongside the first nicely in a Library, as I hate it when TPBs change layout mid volume… (a bit of continuity does occasionally serve a purpose!! )
My Rough Art for the Cover

Jock’s cover has a beautiful warmth to it…. In Red and  Orange… My Cover’s set on the dock’s of MegaCity One… so I went for a cold blue to create atmosphere, and compliment the first volume’s palette.

Coloured Rough art I submitted for approval.

I originally designed it to just have Aimee and Dirty Frank on the Cover…. But Keith the editor asked for a further 2 characters to be added in, Mortal (the Judge ‘baby’) and Thora (a n undercover Judge disguised as an old woman),  so I had to squeeze them in too…    I put Mortal in a baby carrier on Dirty Frank, which seemed to work out ok!
Pencilling in progress over the enlarged Rough Art

Pencilled art, ready to scan!

Scanned, Cleaned up Line Art...

BAM! Finished coloured art!

 I pencilled over an enlarged thumbnail sketch, and scanned the finished pencil art, and coloured in Photoshop... while drinking copious amounts of tea, and half a dozen KitKats...

XXX    .... Ruf