Wednesday, 14 September 2011

SWALC - September 10, 2011, Lord Clyde Pub, London Photos!

    Many thanks to all the people who came to the Lord Clyde pub for the first ever SWALC mini arts festival organised by ex-Deadline editor Si Spencer!
     It was a lovely afternoon out, with much cider, scribbling, and good friends!

      I arrived at the event with my newly wed friends Sofie and Chris on their Ural motorbike and sidecar! It was a fitting arrival for the Artist, and colourist of Tank Girl!
Sofie and Chris, apart from being some of my bestest friends, are also the couple I model Tankie and Booga on.       They are ace.

My sister came down too... so we shared ciders, and picked on each other... a perfect family get together!

 We quickly made ourselves at home, showing people original Tank Girl art, and signing and sketching books for people... we even had a pub lunch.... all Comics events should be held in Pubs... it'd save everyone leaving Conventions looking for a bar or pub!!

My folio and a book to be signed... on a soggy cider splattered pub table! woohoo!

a sketch in the front of a 'Visions of Booga' book!

Si really outdid himself... running around being the perfect host... he even made us name badges... (Apparently this was done the night before... possibly under the influence of much alcohol!)

People brought and bought books to be signed... it was really lovely.

My sis with her TG badge...

Chris gets over familiar with the merchandise....

Sof's customised Wank Girl badge.... don't try this at home kids... you'll go blind.

I even drew Godzilla getting the crap kicked out of him while he's playing Gameboy... he was so close to a high score on Mario art too... le sigh..

Sofie...our very own Tank Girl... after a few ciders...

and finally back onto the bike we staggered and back to the Batcave... What a great day.