Sunday, 4 September 2011

Never give up.

       I'm pretty lucky. I get to sit and draw silly pictures all day, and from the earliest age my parents indulged me in this.
       I've heard many horror stories from other artists about their parents telling them  to 'grow up', 'get a job', or do something 'realistic'.

      My Dad bought me comics, drew me pictures, taught me to build models, and
indulged my obsession with robots and Star Wars.
      He let me live in my crazy little bubble, which has somehow expanded to become my little world. (Or piece of it)

     My Dad has done many different things in his life, from advertising Coca Cola (and starting my lifelong obsession with it.. it's a wonder I have any teeth), to running shops specialising in 35mm cameras to antique watches. As a family we travelled the world, and got to live and see some amazing places.
      He now works for a production company producing films and tv in China.... and as I type he's on location in Mongolia.

     What I've always admired most is his ability to keep going. When things have gone wrong, (and they do for all of us, at some time or another) he didn't feel sorry for himself.   He didn't give up.
     He got up and did something else.   He'd make a new challenge for himself.  He sees everything as an opportunity.
      This has always inspired me, and also made me realise that what I do is up to me. People can try and stop you, but ultimately if you REALLY want to do something you'll do it. (How well you do it is up to you too!) 
      It's the best gift he ever gave me. The confidence to just get on with things... I may not succeed as highly as I hope... but at least I'll try.

My Dad lives in NZ these days... which is pretty far away.... and today it's Fathers' day there... and I wish I was there to give him a hug, and tell him how much I love and admire him.

Thanks Dad.

Note - The photo was taken at the end of my street, and the lovely sign is made by local artist, Henry Stringer.