Friday, 26 August 2011


Here's a link to an interview I did recently with TALK COMICS... I talk about TANK GIRL, what I'm working on now, and some future plans!

   My apologies there's been a lack of art up recently on my blog...  I'm working on a new project... SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK... so when It's ready,  I'll start putting art and sketches up!
   I also recently just did a cover for a magazine featuring one of my favourite childhood Comics characters! I can't wait to show it to you... ( and the 4 versions I didn't use! )

Also working on some cool stuff with Ashley Wood's 3A that I'll hopefully be able to tell you about soon!
So much secrecy!!!  Sheesh... what a tease...

Hope you all have a fabulous Bank holiday weekend!

XXX Rufus


bigmonster77uk said...

Hey Rufus
I found this feature about the Zarjaz exhibition from a few years back on an old hard drive, just posted it to my youtube channel, thought you'd like to see yourself six years younger! I'd appreciate it if you could pass it around/link to it etc etc
channel at: -

bigmonster77uk said...

or use this for just the feature: