Friday, 3 June 2011

2D COMICS FESTIVAL starts today!

          I'm here in Derry, Northern Ireland for the fifth Festival, organised by David Campbell, and the Verbal arts Centre!

         It's a fantastic little show, and this year has some ammmmazing guests!! We have my absolute hero,  artist Mick McMahon,  who I can't rave about enough. He redined British comics, and influenced generations of artists.
         Mark Chiarello has flown in from NYC, and will be doing portfolio reviews.. He's one of DC Comics head honchos!
         Glenn Fabry, another legend, arrives today!  Garry Leach is here, and will be teaching master classes... he's a bloody genius, and what he doesn't know about Comics isn't worth knowing!
       We also have David Hine (one of the loveliest guys you could meet!),  D'Israeli, Phil Windslade, Gary Northfield, PJ Holden, Vicky Stonebridge,and many more!
    Garry Leach and I were interviewed on BBC Radio NI yesterday, and Garry of course didn't turn his bloody phone off.. we're such pros..we both got the giggles, and looked like two monkeys locked in a glass cage. The poor sound woman...

Posters for the show are all over the City! It's lovely to see Tanky proudly appearing everywhere!  Apparently they've had a lot of good feedback about this year's poster.

Today we start doing classes, talks, and signings..and much drinking...
This show's pretty unique in that ou can literally hang out and drink with the Pros.. we'll all be down in Sandino's bar every evening.  Follow the trail of pens and pencils!

I'll update you all tomorrow!
x x x x Ruf, Team Tankie Propaganda Minister