Monday, 6 June 2011

2D COMICS FESTIVAL 2011 .... a survivor babbles...

        Managed to struggle home last night from Stanstead airport, through the pouring rain at Liverpool Street.. ah London.... you know how to welcome a soul home!
               I can honestly say that this year's 2D Comics festival was an absolute roaring success. We had more guests than ever before, and we were blessed with the most beautiful weather. The Sun shone down over Derry town, and for all the world we could have been on the Riviera!

       Thanks must go to David Campbell at the Verbal Arts Centre, who's tireless enthusiasm makes this annual show possible, and our dear friend, Garry Leach, master artist at large, and mother hen , who herded all the cats, and risked a nervous breakdown trying to organise all the guests!

 L to R standing, David Hine, D'israeli (half obscured in white top), Phil Winslade , Pippa Winslade
 L to R seated, Garry Leach, Mike Collins , Will Simpson, outside SANDINO'S BAR

        The Verbal arts Centre was flooded with visitors on Saturday, people queuing to meet Comics legends like Mick McMahon (yes.. Mick McMahon, sketching for the crowd..I could've wept),  Glenn Fabry,  Mike Collins, Garry Leach,  Mark Chiarello (All the way from NYC!!), Will Simpson, David Hine,  D'Israeli, Phil Winslade,  Rob Davis, Nick Roche, PJ Holden, Gary Northfield,  Jim Medway, Vicky Stonebridege, Stephen Downey, and err... me. (leg end... or at best bell end, I know, I know...)

Stormtroopers keeping the crowd under control!

The crowd was relentless all of Saturday! It was an incredible turn out!

Gary Northfield, Jim Medway and others signing and sketching!

The classes were all very well attended, and taught you how to create your own comics, design robots and do cartooning!
 Garry Leach and David Hine tutoring pupils on how to create Comics at the Verbal Arts Centre!

In the evenings there were Talks and Creator discussion panels at the magnificent Sandino's Bar, our home away for home. I plan to take up residency on the floor, under the bar!

L to R, Mark Chiarello, Mike Collins, Will Simpson and Phil Winslde entertaining the crowd at Sandino's on the 'Breaking in to Comics' panel!

 I got to interview Glenn Fabry and Mick McMahon in front of an audience... which was bloody terrifying, but great fun!  I felt very honoured to be even in the same room... (if only I could go back in time, and tell my ten year old self I've been able to do this!)

Writer Denise Mina, and DC Comics Mark Chiarello discussing  their working process on a panel!

Will Simpson checks out Phil Winslade's stunning sketchbooks, while Mike Collins gets waaay too familiar...

Matt 'D'Israeli' Brooker wielding his camera. He's such an amazingly talented artist, and he was a fabulous guest, and also took a tonne of photos of the Con!

Nick 'Mr.Transformers' Roche sketching an incredible Hellboy illo for a fan in Sandino's Bar!

Mothers....lock up your daughters! Artist Rob Davis, in between bedazzling Derry's womenfolk, he produced amazing sketches, and was fantastic company! What a star!

Garry Leach and me failing not to giggle on BBC NI services. What Pros...

Every surface in Derry centre seemed to have 2d festival posters on it! They were in all the shops, pubs and bars, and on walls near and far! Tank girl conquers Norn Iron!!!!
Some sketches! Everyone was so lovely... <3 Thanks for coming along.
Even Harlequin loves Tanky...

Born to thrill!  This made my day!

2D Comics Festival is a unique show...  It's a step back in time to when Comics were for everyone, not just the fanboys. we had families, kids, boys, girls, cosplayers, passersby, and hardcore Comics fans mingling, drawing, chatting to creators, and having fun.
   There's hardly anything to buy at this's about meeting others... in the art world, and your own communities. I met kids who'd become friends at previous years' shows and were now making their own books.
  Derry is incredibly lucky to have both the Verbal Arts Centre, it's amazing staff, and someone as forward thinking as David Campbell.
   David's helped created something which reaches out to everyone, from all communities, and the smiles on everyones faces said it all. People had travelled from across Ireland and the UK to come to Derry, to enjoy this Festival...I'm truly awestruck.
     Thanks again to everyone who came along, took the time to come and talk, show us their art, attend the classes, panels and after hour was magical.
     Every time I go back to Derry, I feel like I've come home to friends.
Stick that in your pipe, Kapow.

Love'n Tanks!
x x x Ruf..Team Tankie Pencil Divison