Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Universe made entirely of light...

  Afternoon Thrillseekers!

              Thought I'd drag another unused piece out of the Tank's ammo lockers...

  In our last issue of 'TANK GIRL -Bad Wind Rising', there's 2 pages of 'pure light' where everything goes very astrophysical.

              Alan (Tankie writer, and co-creator) wrote it in the script very literally, as 2 pages of white, with a little caption. Anyone with half a brain would just stick to that ... but having been raised in a Vivisection laboratory my mind is only a quarter of what it should be...

    As I drew the rest of the issue I pondered it...  I could envisage a subtle (and hopefully suggestive) way of playing with the concept, that I hoped would add value to the reader, and still hold true to Alan's idea of Tank Girl becoming one with a Universe of light.

            Basically I wanted to draw something.   As a reader of comics I appreciate the image, even subtly, as that is the very nature of our medium..        Show.. don't tell.
          I tend to stick pretty closely to scripts, as that is the fun of working with someone else... but there's always some compromise, on part of both parties, as you see and visualise things differently...

Anyhoo.. my idea was vetoed, which happens.. it's part of the trade off... but for my part I thought it would've made a nice addition.. both to the story, and visually.

         I'm always reminded of that Alpha Flight Issue, where John Byrne ran out of time, so we the readers were 'treated' to 6 pages of a 'fight' in a.. snowstorm. Haha
         I always felt swizzed as a kid when someone didn't draw stuff... so naturally felt the same with blank pages, so felt compelled to draw something myself. I've never been a minimalist!

         That's just my take on  it... it's not meant as a negative comment... just my little perspective shot for attempting something. I'd only ever want to add, not detract from a book.. but I'm sure I get that concept wrong more often than right.
  I honestly try my best to make things look good, and more than anything, I want to make our books great.
  Still, I'm only human....and not even a very smart one at that.

        The highlight of 'Bad Wind rising' for me was drawing the other Gang of kangaroos, and getting to draw the Gang all together at the end. Love is indeed all you need.

        Don't forget, TANK GIRL - Carioca will be out in September from Titan books, drawn by the legendary Mick McMahon (my hero..swoon!) and written by the galactic Alan C. Martin. I can't wait to read it.

Apologies for the ramble... just wanted to attempt an explanation.

Love 'n Tanks
Ruf x x x x