Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The adventures ofDUMB FUCK!

          In a strip pastiching  Starbuck, the raptor pilot from BSG.. this was a little bottom of page strip that didn't make the final cut!

  It's based on Sof, my wonderful friend who coloured the Tank Girl - Bad Wind Rising series, and her mental cat Muggins, who I truly believe maybe a Cylon.
       She did work above and beyond the call of duty as both Alan and I were stupendously late delivering the goods, and she had to rearrange work, and her life, to finish the series.

        This was meant as a little thank you for her efforts.. sorry it didn't see print Sof.. but again.. Thank you.. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your hard work on the series, your humour, and calmness through it all.

  Thanks also to Steve White, my editor, a long suffering man, who deserves the Noble Peace Prize after surviving working with us.

X x x x x to you all,
Ruf, extremely gratefully.