Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tanks for all this fish...

  Hopefully someone out there will appreciate that lame misappropriation of Douglas Adams fine work..

        I've just wrapped up drawing 'TANK GIRL - Bad Wind Rising'... It's felt like a bit of a marathon, up a hill, with a shed on my back.. but unbelievably... It's done.

        Finishing a series is always satisfying, and yet oddly anticlimatic.. You work feverishly for months, and than send it all to your Publishers... and it just seems to disappear into the ether...  No fanfare, no hurrays,, just 'send'... and then turn off your computer, and attempt to clean all the chocolate wrappers off your desk.

I hope you'll enjoy the final issue of TANK GIRL - Bad Wind Rising.. it's  pretty mental.

        This'll be the last Tank Girl I'll be drawing for a while... The nest series TANK GIRL - CARIOCA is the long awaited series drawn by the legend that is Mick McMahon, a man who's defined British Comic art, and is a huge influence on both Jamie, Alan, and I.

        TG - Carioca wiill  be solicited later this summer, and I for one am very much looking forward to it. (and still secretly hoping Titan Books will ask me to do a cover...hint, cough, nudge, thump.)

Alan then has some of his own top secret projects to work on,  so you have some treats in store!
      I hope we'll be back with more Tank Girl soon... but that's also up to you guys.. we need people to buy the books.. we need to make a living at this..and need your support. I love working with Alan, it's been a dream come true, and I hope he'll want us to do more Tank Girl stuff soon.. If you want us to... be vocal, demand your shop order the books, tell people about them too! Spread the word.

       I, in the meantime will be working with 3A, Ashley Wood's company, helping him on his plans to take over the world, with an army of plastic Popbots, Judges, and other characters!

       I'll also be working on my own project, which I hope to have online by the end of the summer. I'll be doing it entirely independently.. No publishers, no backers.. just me.

      I'm hoping to have it as a free App, and Download, and then to collect it as limited edition books (signed and sketched) every 2 or 3 months, so readers will have a real collector's item, and hopefully something a bit special.

     I'll also do cool merch..... Tshirts, stickers, bags, toys, posters, and other stuff you previously didn't realise you couldn't live without!
   I'll really need your support on this.. It's a risk..  I don't have some secret back up plan..I want to make cool comics, for people like me.. who like irreverent silliness, sharp sticks, and death masks.

  I'm really excited... and I hope you all will be too...

To finish..I'm gonna do my Academy awards speech..

   A massive Thank You to Alan and Jamie (for letting me play with their toys), Christian Krank (a man who's so unflaggingly been enthusiastic), Garry Leach, Sofie Dodgson, Lori Petty, Steve White, Ashley Wood, Matt Smith, Chris Ryall, Denton Tipton, Drew Gill,and all the other fine people at Image Comics, IDW Comics, Titan Books, Suicide Girls, and Ankama Editions.
   and thank you to all the support we've had from everyone who's read the books... I'm never not overwhelmed at how generous and kind our readers are.

We are the luckiest fuckers on the Planet.

Love and tanks to you all....
Over and Out!

Rufus, Team Tank Girl, Pencil Div.


David said...

Good luck. I'll be looking out for that mercy, especially the thirst. My daughter wants a tee too.

David said...

Stupid auto- correct why did you change merch...

David said...

And tee shirt... Damn it that first post ended up making no sense at all!

Iz said...

Bad Wind Rising has been bloody brilliant - v sad to see it go, but v v v v v v v v excited to read about your upcoming put the Kit Kat down and get back to work ya slacker!!!

Big luv, iz xx

Lucas (the Biz) said...

Good luck RUFUS!!! You kick so much ASS! I hope I get to pick up your personal project stuff somewhere here in AMERICA. If not...I guess I'll be paying a ass-load on shipping!

I just want to say (again) I love the hell out of your work! By far it is some of my favorite toonage. Keep up the great work and never lose heart! You are the SHIT, RUFUS!

New fan for life -
the Biz

Ageebo said...

I like irreverent silliness, sharp sticks, and death masks (I like the sound of death masks anyways). Your idea sounds awesome. Do what you feel is real!

David Tulloch said...

May the farce be with you, Rufus, always.

Michael Finn said... awesome; I was hoping you would also write ...and I will be working on Mickey's One Minute Later commission....:)

Rufus Dayglo said...

Thank you so much everyone..I'm excited to get started on the new stuff too!
I'll post stuff ASAP...

Strictly Kev said...

Great run you've had Rufus, you've really put your stamp on it, looking forward to McMahon's take and also whatever you do.
Do you think you could do a post giving a potted version of all the TG you've done and the different places it was printed? With the stuff in the Megazine and then from IDW I was getting lost as to what was new and what was reprint at one point.

theumyeahwhatevers said...
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theumyeahwhatevers said...

Rufus -
Thank you (and Alan) for bringing back the fun of Tank Girl 1+2. I will be sure to pick up whatever your next project is (in physical form) from now until you stop.
Also, since you will be working with Mr. Wood could you see if the TG 3A toy is done by this Christmas.

DCP said...

Rufus m' made Tank look, as she should, awesome again.
I salute you.

Gonna be keeping an eye on you, fella (non-pervy..honestly)

Be careful out there.

zombiemushroom13 said...

Sad to see this will be your last issue with Tank for awhile, I've fallen in love with your work!
Will definitely be keeping up with you and pestering the comic shop here in the USA even more than I already have been lol