Thursday, 24 March 2011

Working with Gerry Talaoc

            This appears in B&W in our Image book 'We hate TANK GIRL'..but here it is in colour! These were the pencils I sent Gerry Talaoc ( My hero, and one of the Philippines finest, and most under rated Comic book artists)  for him to do the finished painting for our 'We hate TANK GIRL' collection from Image Comics.
'We hate TANK GIRL' collection from Image Comics.
 and Gerry's finished painting...

Of all the things I've got to do professionally in Comics..this was the one that made me feel like a happy little kid, reading his copies of 'The Unknown Soldier'
Thanks Gerry!

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Mark Kardwell said...

If there was any way to do this as a poster that didn't involve pulling the staples out of the comic, that'd be great!