Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tanks for the memories...

I'm currently attempting to finish Issue 3 of  'Tank Girl - The Royal Escape' for our friends at IDW comics... I have very patient Editors (and thanks to's appreciated..)
    I hope you'll enjoy it... It's been a pretty mental story, and pretty epic to draw.

Here's a Double page Spread from Issue 3... coloured by my lovely friend Christian Krank, who has really done some fabulous work, and is such a patient, great guy. thanks Mr Krank.. I really appreciate all your hard work!

In other news.. I have one more episode to draw for our tenure in the Judge Dredd Megazine (Flying Ant Day Pt.2).

Many, many thanks to Matt Smith for his unwavering support, and for commissioning Alan and I to do Tank Girl for the Judge Dredd Megazine in the first place.
        It was a brave decision, and I know some die hard Dredd heads felt we were a cuckoo in their nest.
We just wanted to bring something different to the mix, and hopefully encourage a few different readers.. and we have had some great responses... and we are very thankful for readers support and generousity.

       I must admit though.. 2000ad's Message board in the last few years has sunk to some pretty diabolical lows, as a small hard core whom mistakenly feel they are 2000ad's only 'true' readership spew venom, scorn and mockery on anything that falls outside their narrow expectations.
Not just at their opinion of what I work on..but others friends work too.
 Unbelievably they've really put me off  2000ad completely.. and I've even stopped reading it, and I've read it most of my life.
I dedicated years to helping research 2000ad, it's art, and artists.. but my enthusiasm has been truly burnt out. So credit where credit is due... thanks Messageboard.
 These bozos will be the death of the comic.. as they drive casual readers, and fans (like myself) away.

Sorry to sound negative, it just breaks my heart to see idiots spoil the very thing I love.

I'd also like to send love to John Hicklenton's family.  John was a real star.  One of my heroes, a friend, and such a character... We'll never see his like again.
  John's wicked sense of humour, his love of life, and of his wife, his art, and his friends is something I can only hope to learn from.
I'm honoured to have known him.

Here's an illo he did for another friend's memorial (Tom Frame).. it was one of the first things I ever coloured.. and I was so happy I'd even worked with him in this tiny capacity.

Again...Thanks to all our friends and supporters..for your kindness, humour, and warmth...
We can't tell you how much it means to us, both as a team, and as individuals.

Love'n tanks to you all. x x x
Rufus..the human rigellian hotshot