Sunday, 21 March 2010

Out soooon!

Morning Tank botherers!

Here's some uncoloured art from the upcoming series TANK GIRL - THE ROYAL ESCAPE.. which will be out at the end of March!

Also.. TANK GIRL - DIRTY HELMETS from Image Comics  is out on April 7th!

Hope You're all having a fabulous weekend!
 x x <3
Ruf.. Team Tank Girl


Ines myuuhailurusu said...

I love it! This page looks really cool!

May ask you something? Will you bring originals for Beja's Comic Festival in May? :)


Rufus Dayglo said...

Yes! I'll have the art with me! :-) I think they're doing an exhibition of some of it too!

Ines myuuhailurusu said...

Exhibition? Oh, well, if so, I'm one of the people who's going to help with it, going to ask them then :) thanks!

Rufus Dayglo said...

Great! Thank you!

Rufus Dayglo said...

Had a number of comments from 2000ad board members saying that I've been unduly harsh..

I'm not that put out about their perception of TG...They are missing my point..
It's the general negativeness, not just to me..I'm a big boy and perfectly capable of looking out for myself.
Over the last few years I've seen many friends work savaged, and may very personal remarks levelled at Creators (IE Pat Mills).

It's just crappy, and unworthy of an official company messageboard.

I'm not tarring all board users with the same brush..I did qualify my statements with 'a small hardcore'.
They seem to think they can come out with any comment and get away with it.. I'm just saying I for one won't be party to it.