Tuesday, 13 October 2009

MIke Western... a tip of the hat...

     The opening page from a new Tank Girl story.. (it's a WW2 type story.. !!!)

   I loved war comics as a kid, especially those drawn by Mike Western, who was one of the medium's greatest and most modest artists.

He drew Darkie's Mob, The Sarge, and HMS Valiant amongst others.
  His stories made me want to draw comics too.

Thank you, Mr Western.

Love'n Tanks..
Rufus.. Team Tank Girl


The Drunken Monkey said...

Lovin' that, Ruf!
I'm instantly put in mind of lying on me bedroom floor reading issues of Battle and Valiant.

Puredaft said...

Ditto! used to love getting slightly sick as a kid and being unable to go to school but somehow perfectly capable of sitting up in bed eating sandwiches, drinking milk and reading all the old Valiants, Victors, Eagles and Hotspurs normally kept in a box out of the way.
Looking forward to this one...might try to pull a sickie in honour!!!

Pete Wells said...

Blimey, it's like Saving Private Tanky! Stunning Mr D!

Simon said...

dude that is awsome

one of your best so far - impressive stuff dude

speak soon

messytimbo said...

this is a really nice page. i love the over all tone of it.