Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Poster for Canadian Signings...

I'll be in Toronto in august and will hopefully be doing some signings (It's being arranged right now...)

I love Canada..lived there for a while as a kid..it's beeeeautiful..so to celebrate..I thought I'd design a proper poster..



and finally...


Now.. I'll scan it and put a lovely Canadian Red over the top.

The Hockey card on her helmet is Daniel Alfredsson, of the Ottawa Senators.

I'll put the finished art up soon!

Love'n tanks... Ruf


biopunk said...

Great finished poster!

Are you just in Toronto? Anything on the West Coast?


Rufus Dayglo said...

Just Toronto I'm afraid..

I'm visiting friends.. so paying for this myself!

I'll try and get to Vancouver next year!

biopunk said...

Well, enjoy yrself and hope to see you next year!