Friday, 8 May 2009

DERRY 2D Comic Con 2009

Once again, The Verbal Arts Centre in fair Derry, Northern Ireland hosts the 2D Comic art festival, as arranged by curator and artist in residence David Campbell.

This Year's lineup is amazing, with some big names.

Come down, say hello, get a sketch (We'll be drawing kids as monsters!), and come to the talks at Sandino's Bar.

Derry is the best small Comics Con ANYWHERE!

Miss it, and you're a fucking idiot.



Tara Graphic said...

I want to come but I'm like only 16 and I'm in a different country.Man..I really want to come.
Thanks for the info.

P/s: Im a fucking Idiot.=)

Mark said...

I really am a fucking idiot, 'cus I was going to go last year and get Alan Martin to sign my copy of ARMADILLO, and totally fucking got the dates wrong and missed it. Worra twonk.

Mark said...

Also, Garry Leach doesn't get any worse, does he?

Rufus Dayglo said...

Garry's a horror..

We only bring him along as we feel sorry for him...

Braindance said...

This looks like one of the best fesivals one could possibly go to. Frigg the kids, I would push them out the way with no remorse to get myself drawn as a monster.
My first boyfriend and I got together due to our shared passion for 2000AD. He had written a letter to Tharg, I was seriously impressed.

Rufus Dayglo said...

Braindance..He sounds like marriage material to me! ;-)

Braindance said...

Hello Rufus,
He was marriage material.
He loved playing the super mario bros with me, knew why Judge Death became so messed up, lived by a haunted church which was popular with devil worshippers AND he had two baths a day, the kid smelt good.
Alas, we were only 13. And our paths have never crossed since. *sniff sniff*

Rufus Dayglo said...

Ah christ..Yer making me cry here....

Track him down.... Stalk him. LOL

Phil Friel said...

Hey Rufus!

Really looking forward to the Derry Festival this year. My favourite event of the year, without a doubt. No sooner is one ended than I'm ranting like a crack addict about the next one.

I'm one of the grungy Derry inhabitants who bends yer ear'ole at each event - y'know the guy - short, fat, bald, four-eyed, with a beard, and never shuts the fuck up. Can't draw worth spit but has aspirations towards becoming a writer for comics, aided by the fact that he has a (sorta) semi-decent instinctive grasp of page and panel breakdowns.

Anyway, I'll fuck up now and leave you alone. See you at the Derry 2D Festival 2009. Might even buy you a pint. :)