Wednesday, 11 March 2009


SSSH! You haven't seen this..I haven't shown it you...

Got it?

Oh yeah..Happy Birthday to me.



Tara Graphic said...

Hey, Nice Cover..

You know, that thing that covers your eyes while you sleep,...I bet you wanted to put Goggles in the first place...=)

Tell me if I'm wrong...he..he..he..


Pete Wells said...

Smashing that Rufus, the colours are amazing!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday!

shoottokill said...

It's your birthday but we're the ones getting a gift?

Gorgeous work and Happy Birthday ^_^

(loving the inking and colouring all the way!)

Rufus Dayglo said...

Thank you everyone!

STK - there's no inks..only pencils... I haven't inked any of this story. :-)

shoottokill said...

Argh apologies, apologies and more apologies.


(Can we still appreciate the inking though?)

Jokes aside, congratulations again!!

Stephen Downey said...

Thats one action-packed extravaganda!!!

WJC said...

Happy birthday Ruf (though now belated) i'm a big six shooters fan! Great cover.

Anna Fitzpatrick said...

Happy Birthday Rufus!

And thanks again for the preview!


Grant Beran said...

Hi Rufus!
Grant Beran-of early 90's Wellington days and 1992 art course with you-here! Remember me? Speedy Grant.
Saw your web page and just wanted to say hi. hope you're well. I'm still doing the pic thing. Mainly through art dealers etc etc.

Would love to hear from you.
Take care

Lee Townsend said...

Great cover Rufus! love the colours to...