Friday, 6 March 2009

Mindless self indulgence!

Firstly.. another page covered by our dear friend Christian for the titan release of Tank Girl - Skidmarks, this summer..


Next month's Judge Dredd Megazine will have an all new Tank Girl Cover too!

Proof positive that buying back your childhood is alive and well..

I present a 1979 Gundam Wind up robot by Clover toys... winging it's way too me soon.





Anna Fitzpatrick said...

Dude I am such a fan of yours, I cought your talk at BICS last year and I'm realy looking forward to the new tank girl stuff, it looks awesome so far!


Tara Graphic said...

More Tank Girl!!!

shoottokill said...

Humble greetings from Portugal on behalf of Gi and Sara who on a bright sunny afternoon (well, at least sunny for one of them) almost chocked to death after finding a comment by you on their little, dark corner of inactivity aka blog.

The said gals are still mute and wondering how in blazes someone of your caliber found their messy den but very happy you were so kind to leave a message thus kindly greet you with extreme shyness but well placed feelings. (and probably very poor English)

Thank you for the visit once again!!!