Friday, 27 March 2009

If you have even a remote interest in freedom of speech, self-expression...

... Art, or dare I say it, Comics, then you need to be aware of a very serious and dangerous act that is being pushed through Parliament. More information here:

The Criminal Justice & Immigration Act 2008 came in to effect in January 2009, and Section 49 of the Coroners and Justice Bill is currently being reviewed. Both of these Acts could impact on the creation of comic books and how they are sold, both have the potential to land innocent people in court, on the sex offender register or in jail. We ask that the PM and the government as a whole respect the concerns of artists, writers, publishers, readers and retailers all over the UK and include a specific clarification in the law that ensures that no innocent comic creators or owners of comics can ever be prosecuted unfairly by a mis interpretation of the current laws.

These laws actually extend to ANY form of image making (paintings, sketches, doodles, etc) and not just the comics media, so EVERYBODY will be effected by it. Basically the government wants to legislate that any DRAWING they deem "inappropriate" is tantamount to the same laws as a photography, thus preventing you or I from DRAWING certain things. If ever there were "thought crime" laws, these are it!

Please sign the petition below.

Please pass this on to as many people as possible. Any of you who are in the press and media please write articles about this and highlight the dangers. We need to educate the public! If we don't stop this now we will have thrown away a huge freedom of expression. This is the thin end of an enormous wedge. The consequences of which could ultimately be a government deciding what is "approved art" and what is banned. Hmmm... sounds a lot like 1930s' Germany to me.

Love and tanks...

Rufus (Thanks to Tim Pilcher)


looka said...

FUCKING HELL MAN! ( much for freedom of speech) I can't believe these ignorant a-holes.
There are so many things more important than stepping on our toes like that. How 'bout that:

Corrupt cops, rapists, killers, child porn, black mailers, corrupt politicians, the list goes on...

But no, let's get to the artist's. Takes attention away from the real problems. Hurf!

charco said...

Looka, I think they're trying to go after child porn with this. The fact that it could be seen as a reasonable compromise is a slippery slope to heavy editorialisation.
Potentially a fair idea, very poorly implemented in my eyes.

looka said...

Yeah, that's the thing with the executive: Their poor sense for execution that starts more problems than it focuses on solving in the first place.

Thanks for not being offended, by the way ;)

Rufus Dayglo said...

They will decide what's deemed pornography.. which will include could be pistures of your kids... It's really wrong.

Politicians play on fear of the bogeymen..terrorists, paedophiles to whittle away our liberties and freedom.

It's wrong.

This is not a Police state...yet.

Moom said...

Thanks for posting this Ruf - I've passed it on to a load of comic-book buddies. Good call Sir.


Ah welcome to my world, I'm almost banned from Myspace weekly for 'pornographic' photography, when I would never consider it to be that myself.
It’s a mega shit and utterly ridicules, although I’m yet to be a registered sex offender.
I think the canon of art is much too powerful in society to be removed.
Sally man is a hugely respected photographer and deeply embedded in contempory photography and her photographs are almost exclusively of her naked children. If a society can accept those it is a reassurance, but who is to say that this will be considered art for much longer.
It is interesting never the less, and even more so to see it from a photographer’s eyes reading comics.
I admit I am fearful of censorship in art, and for all creatives in all Medias.

Did I see you in Orbital yesterday? If so I am very sorry for not saying hello. It shall not happen again.


Boyann said...

Better late than never... I've reposted your shout about this matter on

Just saw it. Thanks, best~~~ [ b ]

Zara said...

This is ridiculous!