Monday, 2 March 2009



I've successfully moved house, lost all my shirts, and got my internet reconnected!

I've also got a new pair of boots.. DM 1460s.. so doing my best impression of a demented boot boy..... with ginger hair.

Just finished a Tank Girl cover for Megazine's the rough..

I'll answer emails soon..I've got 600+ to please be patient..I'm wading through them as fast as i can!

Love and tanks..




Pete Wells said...

Great to have you back Ruf, we missed ya!

Simon said...

Hey Ruf

that looks great, what is also great is to have you back online.
so hows the new house - and where are your shirts? what happened to them?

Declan Shalvey said...

Welcome back Ruf, the blog-world missed yeh.

Hope all the moving stuff went okay.

Class image by the way.


Rufus Dayglo said...

Cheers Guys!

No sign of my shirts... a sartorial mystery for the ages I fear... :-(

The new place is fab...still setting everything up!

Tara Graphic said...

Welcome Back!

Nice sketch!

Stephen Downey said...

Does that mean your sitting around drawing topless?

I hope your brand-spanking-new house has central heating if thats the case :D

Bluemeanie said...

Seriously, nice fucking pic man.
I obviously hesitate to swear but think its fucking called for.