Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Singing in the rain..

I went to meet Si Spencer, writer, and one time Editor of Deadline magazine, (the original home of Tank Girl) at his local pub to pick up the Tank Girl Pin Up I'd bought from him.

It was pouring, as if Noah himself was bailing out the ark above us, as I stumbled through London's wet wind blasted streets.

I found both the art, and Si propped at the bar, holding court...

We had a good ol' natter, he told me some great Comics related gossip, and then I wrapped my new precious art in Tesco bags (Only the best for me, huh?) and headed back into the night..

This piece has always had a special place in my heart, and quite by chance, was the only page I ripped out of any of the ol' GNs, and pinned it to my desk when I started drawing TG.

Scanned it this morning.. so for the first time, People can see it in it's uncropped glory.