Thursday, 12 February 2009


On Saturday, March 21st, between 1 and 2:30pm, FORBIDDEN PLANET Mega Store in London is having it's 30th Anniversary Signing with a whole load of Artists and writers signing, sketching and wrestling with the Comic buying Public!

I'll be there signing and sketching and would love to see some of you down there..

I'll post an update when the guest list is confirmed for all attending Artists and Writers...

Come along.... It'll be a cracker!

In other news.. I'm moving this will be off the net for a few weeks/months/years as I wrestle with British Telecom about getting a bloody phone line installed (You'd think this would be easy huh?)



Stephen Downey said...

If only that blasted sea wasn't in the way :(

Good luck with the move :)

Rufus Dayglo said...

Ah..You can swim can't you?...

Stephen Downey said...

I was thinking about it, but if I leave now I doubt I'd make it for the end for March :P

Keep it Up... said...

Nothing with BT is simple. Any free booze at this FP anniversary shindig? Any good artists on the roster?

Love your blog btw.

Pete Wells said...

Hey Rufus, it'll take BT sodding ages to install your phoneline, which means no internet access. Meanwhile, the gas/electricity/water etc. people will all cheerfully tell you to go online to set up your account! Be prepared for weeks of frustration! Aaaaagh, I feel for you fella!

Lee Townsend said...

I will try to make it Rufus!
You are doing great work on TG, good luck with it all!

Tara Graphic said...

What's up Rufus??!!
Just came by to visit!!
Nice art by the way!!

Keep em' going!!

Cheers mate.