Sunday, 25 January 2009

Friends Electric/Robotic

When I was little, I was lucky enough to live in Tokyo.

I was obsessed with Gundam, a TV series that spawned a deluge of model kits, toys, stickers, and ephemera which even today is a colossal merchandising empire.
I watched Gundam on TV and at the Cinema, but due to my sheer stupidity, and inability to get to grips with Japanese, I had no real idea of the complexities of the machiavellian storyline.

It's only recently seeing them on DVD as an adult (well.. errr..yeah) I've realised how complex the storyline was.

I've had a crap couple of weeks, and in a moment of work induced procrastination I looked up the toys I had/wanted as a kid.
I was always very lucky in that my parents were incredible indulgent and generous towards their pestering son's obsessions.... so..Thank you.

God bless Ebay.. and now I have new plastic friends.

Welcome fellas..




and a bootleg..Hurray!



luke f said...

Rocking robots!
How`d you come to live in Tokyo as a young lad,if you don`t mind me asking?
And I`m sorry if people ask that all the time....

Rufus Dayglo said...

No problem Dear Sir... My dad was working along I went.

I spent three years in Tokyo.. it's an amazing place.

I became really obsessed with various Anime characters.. like Gundam, Dougram - Fang of the Sun, Giant Gorg, the Mighty Atom,etc.