Friday, 9 January 2009

One for the road..

Well finished my pages for the day.. z z z z zzzz

Here's a panel from one of them..



Rob Davis said...

Are you inking in Photoshop, Rufus?

This stuff's looking good, looks like you're enjoying yerself.

And when will we get a peek a McM's Tank Girl? Is he still procrastinating?

Rufus Dayglo said...

Hi Rob...

I haven't been inking on Skidmarks's just pencil.

I wanted something a little scratchy, and I'm a rubbish inker. LOL

Mick's stuff is coming along..he's not procrastinating..just a perfectionist.

I dunno when it'll be ready.. I've seen some and it's great. I can't post it.. but hopefully you'll all see stuff soon.


Pete Wells said...

That's a fookin' lovely panel that Ruf! I loves it!