Saturday, 31 January 2009

Julio Ribera!

I awoke to the clarion call of the postman this morn, delivering a parcel from France...

I went to a Lisbon Comic Convention last year, where I met Julio Ribera, a Catalonian Comic book artist in his 80s who grew up in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.

As a child he and his classmates helped welcome the International Brigade to the city with bouquets of flowers.
We conversed (through another artist, who translated for us!) about the Civil war , comics, long into the night.

He was also great friends with Jesus Blasco, one of the most influential Spanish Comic Book artists of the 50-60s. He lamented he'd never asked Julio for any art, as a momento and as he was such an inspiration to Julio.

So..on my return home to London, I sent Julio some Blasco art I owned, as a surprise Christmas present.

I hadn't heard back, and I wasn't so much worried about the art arriving as to whether Julio was ok....

So..this morning at tube arrived with a beautiful letter (Which he'd got a friend to translate into French, of all things! LOL) , thanking me, telling me I was his artistic grandson, and to visit him.

He also sent a HUGE page of art, from the late 1970s as a present..

I'm quite overwhelmed..what a lovely man.