Monday, 29 December 2008

Mini Protest! Draw Small, Thank Big!

Zara Arshad's fab project with mini protest boards is up on her Flickr account...check it out..There are some really fantastic ones..I love the 3D coloured geometric



JDufour said...

Hi Rufus!

Just discovered your blog through the Tank Girl official website.

That kind of image really looks good! I like that you're posting photos of the original artwork, it's fascinating to observe. I'm impressed that you're still pasting tone stickers on the original art. That's kind of rare nowadays. Are you buying real Letraset sheets or copying them on sticker sheets?

As a big fan of the late 80's Tank Girl stuff, i find that you really are doing a great job with the style and narration on it. You guys seem to be having a good time with the concept, and that's what it takes, since it wouldn't mean much without the childish fun.

I'm not so much of a blog commenter, but I'll sure keep coming back to peek from time to time.

Rufus Dayglo said...

Salut Juien, et merci!

I love letratone..I had a diminishing supply of it...

It is possible to do in Pshop though as well.. and you'd really not know the difference..

I'm hoping we can do some B&W strips so I can use more halftone.. as it doesn't work well when the art is fully coloured.

Thanks for your feedback..and I'm thrilled to hear you like what we're doing, and checking out the official Tank Girl site.

Hope to hear from you again!

Yours, still scribbling..