Monday, 10 November 2008

Sgt. Rock is gonna help me...

Thanks to everyone who came to the signing at FP! We were besieged, but managed to sketch and sign for everyone, including FP Staff!

We then hooked up with Alan's Worthing cohorts for an evening of drinking and some truly frightening anecdotes...

I've been asked by the good people at Mutoid waste company to take part in an art show, painting a piece of old aeoplane like a bomber pinup! Soooo excited!! A lifetime of building Airfix kits finally pays off!



My piece of fuselage to paint!!


and finally... Sgt Alan 'Rock' Martin and PFC Rufus 'Ice Cream' Dayglo... back in the shit, man...


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Joe said...

Sounds like fun, Rufus. I edit the Forbidden Planet blog, will give it a mention on there too - feel free to drop me a line when you post up pics of the finished art, would love to link to them ( BTW, added your blog to our blogroll, any chance you could bung on a reciprocal one to us (