Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Amadora, Lisbon FIBDA Festival 2008


What an amazing weekend!

I'd like to thank my Hosts at the 19th Amadora FIBDA 2008, who were exceptionally kind and welcoming, and for organizing such an amazing Festival.


Lisbon is such a beautiful city, and we were very fortunate to have a tour from our hosts, and endless meals! Just..... incredible...

I was there for the second weekend , of a 3 Week festival, which had a simply stunning art show, with work by Moebius, Druillet, Alex Raymond, Dave McKean, Kevin O'Neill, Dave Gibbons, etc. Just incredible!

I met some amazing artists, the legendary Julio Ribera (and his lovely wife), Zoran Janjetov ( Moebius collaborator, and artist on Technopriests with Jodorowsky, and aa absolutely lovely man), Mauricio De Sousa (The Brazilian Giant of comics, and his beautiful daughter, Marina), Mathieu Sapin (French Humourist) and many Portugese artists... it was incredible.

The venue was stunning, decorated like a space station, and was so busy! everyone was so welcoming and polite, so thank you to everyone I met.
I was genuinely surprised how many tank Girl fans there were... It was a happy surprise!

Here's some Photos..

Flying in to Lisbon...


Zoran sketching in the restaurant...after having sketched all day... He is the perfect gentleman, and one of the loveliest guys I've ever met.

zoran Janjetov

Zoran, Julio Ribera, and Mrs ribera on our 'minibus'...a huge coach for 6 of us! We had a beautiful tour of Lisbon...

Zoran and Julio Ribera

Some sketches... My apologies for my shoddy photography, I was having to work quickly... It was very busy.





One of my favourites, this kid!!









Me, with marina's glasses crooked on my fat head! LOL... (Ligia is behind me on right)


The great Mauricio de Sousa vandalising the table cloth!


Marina Takeda de Sousa, taking everything in her stride, and laughing at me...again...!


Thank you to Everyone who came to the show for your generousity, to all the People who put so much hard work into the Exhibition, all the Volunteers at the show, and all the talented People I met.
I feel very fortunate.

Now.... back to work

Love'n tanks


HugoTeixeira said...

Hi Rufus

I was just browsing your blog, interesting while I was browsing it, you made a post with some pictures and comments of FIBDA.

I'm there in one of those photos I don't know if you remember me, but we talked about the Tank Girl movie, I told you I had a comic store, and you offered me the first issue of Visions of Booga the one I didn't have.

Sorry I didn't get the chance to talk more with you on the next day, I would love to offer you the small second volume of my manga.

but well you can see my main art in http://htx.deviantart.com

In my main blog http://htx-manga.blogspot.com you have a page with a Tank ;)

Kind regards.

From Hugo Portugal

Rufus Dayglo said...

Hugo, it was a pleasure to meet you, and I'm pleased we completed your set of books! I'll check out your art!

Thanks for coming to the show!!

marina sousa said...

hi, Ireland! loved the pictures and all your work! it's just amazing!
it was a pleasure meeting you!
see you soon...!!!