Monday, 13 October 2008

UKCAC - Comics friends reunited

Hassan Yusef, the organizer of the ol' UKCAC (United Kingdom Comic Art Convention shows... this name always lead to lots of scatological jokes) organized a reunion at a pub in Victoria on Saturday, for all the participants of the once yearly shows, artist, writers, attendants and retailers alike.

It was fab catching up with some old faces, and I had the good fortune of running into my old friend Roger Langridge, the immensely talented artist and writer. He's busy working on a very cool new project... I'm very jealous!

Garry Leach was presented with superhero cupcakes for his birthday, Mike Conroy was there too, (He's a really lovely fella) and loads of the ol' crew from Comics Showcase, my old home away from home, much missed.

I justed wanted to thank Hassan for yet another memorable night out, and all he's done for all of the Comic Scene in the UK, and for giving Me and countless others the opportunity to meet so many cool people.
He's truly one of our unheralded heroes.