Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Massive T(h)ank You to You all..

Well... I finally made it back from the Birmingham Comics Festival last night... What an amazing Weekend!

I'd like to thank all of the people who came along to the Tank Girl talk, and listened to me prattle and thoroughly put both my feet in my mouth! ;-)

I couldn't believe what a turn out there was, and from both Myself, and Alan, I can't thank everyone enough for their much appreciated support.

I did 3 signings, one on Saturday where I completely forgot to take any pictures, but we had a great turn out, and two on Sunday, one outside the Talks Theatre, and another back at the 2000ad stand.

Again, thanks to everyone for their patience, as I stumbled and babbled my way through the queue, and to all those who brought along their books, and the immensely kind person who brought me a Kit Kat... I love you. :-)

I helped Garry Leach on his painting demonstration, and it truly was a master class... what an amazing talent he is.

Here's a few badly taken photos from the tail end of the sketching, when I finally located my camera..

I'd also like to thank Leah Moore for possessing possibly the greatest sense of humour, and forgiveness, in the Western World... thank you for not murdering me after my pyromaniacical rantings.
It was a privilege and honour to meet Leah, she is immensely talented and funny, and I'd urge everyone to support Her and buy her books!

It was also great to see the Campbell Clan, organizers of the Derry 2D convention, and one of the loveliest Families I've had the privilege of meeting.

Oh, and little Isobelle, the cutest person I got to sketch for over the weekend.

I'm sure I'll remember far more over the next few days as my brain starts to work again... I'll ammend later.. now..

Back to work...

Your most appreciative Tank scribbler...












End of the queue! Phew...


My apologies for the awful photos... My Pulitzer Prize winning shakey hands strike again..


Bluemeanie said...

Hey man, just wanted to say how shit hot your talk was, especially as you were dropped in it at the last minute and probably had to wing most of it.
Funny stuff and a cool insight into both the origins of Tank Girl and also where she is heading. Getting to flip through your sketch books was also all kinds of nerd porn.

And thanks for doing my wife an awesome sketch as she is officially made up about it and is grinning like an idiot a lot. She didnt tell you I got the frigging kit-kat tho did she? No way. Im just the twat who was sent running off to get one so she could play groupie. Bloody wimmin!

Rufus Dayglo said...

It was very much appreciated! Thank you!

Gimme a kick in the shins at the next show, I owe you a drink at least! That KitKat saved my life... I hadn't eaten all day!

Thank you to you both for coming, I really really appreciate everyone's support.
I was completely blown away how many people turned up... I was expecting Me, Myself and I alone in a room!

WJC said...

I'm sorry i missed the Talk, it sounded very eventful! I hope you didn't mind my queue barging and thanks for your time. Great to meet you.

Teacher A said...

It was great meeting you, thanks for doing my weird bat-tank girl request. Hope to see you at Bristol

Moom said...

Hurrah!! I am so glad the KitKat saved your life :D Apologies for just kinda flinging it at you, but i'm glad you were pleased to see it - I was super-hungover so I could only manage small words but i meant to say THAAAAANK YOU SO MUCH for my adorable TG sketch and the additional sketch from you book - bloody hell!! You rock. A lot.

Iz / MsMeanie on the TG forums x x x

chebbo said...

Hi Rufus,

Thanks so much for your huge contribution to the show.
Glad the event went so well for you mate. It was great to have you there. Hopefully next time Alan can make it along too.

all the best

Rufus Dayglo said...

Thanks Everyone, It was so lovely to meet you all.

Shane, Thank you to both You, and James; for a truly fantastic weekend. You Guys did an amazing job, and the Birmingham show is easily my favourite!