Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Go, go, go Team Tank!

It's been a very busy week... Finishing off Episode #5 of Skidmarks... Created a monster for myself doing this tonework.... what was I thinking?!

I popped into Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue at Lunchtime, and saw the posters for our signing.

I've been going to FP since I was a kiddie (and it was in Denmark Street..), and I have to admit I wasn't prepared at how excited I was to see my name in the shop. I wish I could take l'il Me forward in time... achieving a childhood ambition is strange... and I'm very grateful that FP,and Alan, have given me the opportunity to realise this small boy's dream.

My mac is playing up again, which is a real pain, and I'm waiting to hear back about getting a new machine.. this one has been a problem since word go.. grumble.

Well back to work for me!