Monday, 15 September 2008

Skidmarks page

Here's another Page from Skidmarks... I posted the pencils of the lower panel, and thought just perhaps someone may want.

I was kind of amused, slightly bummed by some comments I saw about the Megazine Tank Girl stuff.. people complaining that I'd toned and put blue on a B&W strip.. no pleasing some huh?

I've changed the way I've toned the pages... The first episode I tried it completely flat, like a seventies Annual story, the second episode, I added some more tonal areas, and the third episode I went nuts, Toning everything... painting myself into a corner here.. LOL

I predict the online Meg readers will still complain, as it's not Judge Dredd...still... the new Judge Dredd Megazine 276 is out now... with Tank Girl in it.

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Mark said...

Yup, the assorted tw*ts who populate the various 2000AD-themed forums out there are, to generalise horribly, a bunch of fuc*ing whingers.

Chris said...

Have to say I don't read the Megazine any more, but that artwork knocks spots off the kind of shitty stuff that stopped me getting the thing back in the mid 90s. Keep at it, man. If artists listened to their critics they'd never do anything.
Like the way it's getting less Hewletty and more (I assume) Daglo-y.

Puredaft said...

F*ck the begrudgers! Keep doin' what yer doin'!

Rufus Dayglo said...

Ah bless ya guys..

I've met many 2000ad boarders, and they are lovely people, but they ae a grumbly buch... is mildly disheartening. ;-)
Chris, This story will be collected as a Colour 4 Issue miniseries by Titan books next year.

Lee said...

Rufus all your'e Tankgirl pages look great! very nice colours as well, ignore those individuals! I certainly would! see you in Brum!