Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Birmingham International Comic Show Talk and Signing

Alan and I will be talking bollox at 1:30 pm on Sunday at the Birmingham Comic Festival, followed immediately afterwards by a signing in the Theatre Lobby area.

We'll also do a signing at 2000ad's table on Saturday...

Followed by many beverages, and celebrity twister matches...




Rob Davis said...

Hi Rufus

I'm another comic artist (we're everywhere) and as someone who spent years ripping off Mick McMahon I of course hate you for your collection of McM originals ;)

All the same, I'm hoping you can tell me where I can get a peek at his Tank Girl stuff. Not that yours isn't lovely, it's just that new McM has been too rare in recent years.



Dave Shelton said...

Saw and enjoyed the talk, Rufus. Shame about Alan's absence and the consequent lack of visuals but you were nothing less than heroic managing the whole thing solo. Cheers.