Monday, 11 August 2008

Out with the old...

Well.. last week was shite.

First my external Hard drive died, taking a lot of unbacked up work with it... then my old Mac G4 finally got so grumpy that I faced the inevitable and put it out it's misery, (Don't worry kids, it's living in the country now...), and I smashed the new cafetiere.

On the upside.. new shiny Imac.. it's faster, it doesn't sound asthmatic, but I'm stumbling around Pshop CS3 like a 14 year old after a bottle of Southern Comfort and Coke. (Other fizzy drinks are available, but You'd be a fool to drink anything else...)

Here's the first illo done in CS3.. I'm playing with gradients for tonal work this week..

Line Art...


Greyscale Tones...


With a L'il Colour.


Well... I should do some work...

:-) ruf