Monday, 9 June 2008

DERRY 2D FESTIVAL 2008.... survived!

A huge thank you to David Campbell for organizing my favourite Convention, the Derry 2D Comic Convention.

Just got back and was sent this link to a little BBC article.

It was a great show, and I got to sit next to Jock and marvel at his amazing sketches.

Charlie Adlard bravely sketched and took part in a number of talks....with no voice.... He is a machine!!!

Alan Martin and I made some great plans for Tankie over ...umm... a few Pints.

Nick Roche, Bob Byrne, Steve Mooney, Will Simpson, Garry Leach, Mark Stafford, Ilya, Laura Howell and Declan Shalvey blasted out some superb sketches for some lucky people!

Next year...get there! It's soooooo good!

... now...back to bed..


Clamnuts said...

Great weekend, great meeting you and the lads. Would love to go next year if they'll have me!

Dec said...

Great seein' ya again man. Always a pleasure.

Now catch up on some sleep for god's sake!


Phil Friel said...

Hey Rufus,

Phil here (fat guy with the beard and specs who was talking to you outside Sandino's after the final panels on Saturday night - I asked you about your website).

I really enjoy our chats about some of the less well known (to the modern crowd) aspects of older British comics, and look forward to more of the same next year.

I've also really, really enjoyed both Derry 2D Festivals (2007 and 2008), to such an extent that on the way home after the festival on Saturday night, I was heard complaining very loudly that we have to wait a WHOLE ****IN' YEAR until the next one {groan, gripe, bitch!}. How am I gonna survive a whole feckin' year?!

As a lifetime comics fan (I've been reading comics since about the age of 4 - I'm 47 now), this sort of thing is long overdue in Derry, which (when it comes to comics festivals... or anything else...) had hitherto always been the totally deprived, non-existent backarse-end of nowheresville.

So a huge WELL DONE to yerself and all the other panelists, and, in particular, to David Campbell, who organizes and runs the whole show (G'WAN YE BOY YE!!), and without whom none of this would ever have happened.

The Derry 2D Festival is, without a doubt, the highlight of the year for me. So I hope that I see you and the rest of the gang back in Derry for the 2D Festival 2009.

Roll on next year!


Mark said...

Like a total tool, I forgot all about this. For some reason I had it in my head that it was on at the end of the month. D'Oh!

Apologies to Alan - he'll have to buy me a pint some other time...