Tuesday, 13 May 2008

TANK GIRL - VISIONS of BOOGA #1.... out on MAY 21st!

Well... Our new Tankie comic will be out on the 21st of May from your local neighbourhood Comics Emporium.

Here's the propaganda...

The creative team responsible for revitalizing Tank Girl last year returns with an all-new series! In Visions of Booga, Part 1: Falling Angel Blues, we join TANK GIRL and her marsupial hubby BOOGA as they find themselves the victims of the worst run of bad luck ever. The tank has been lost in a wager, and the Australian Mafia is after their pelts. Their only hope seems to lie on the other side of the country, with Booga’s estranged little brother. A transcontinental Kerouackian odyssey begins, courtesy of Alan C. Martin and Rufus Dayglo (Snaked), with the help of some smart wraparound covers from the esteemed Ashley Wood (Zombies vs. Robots).

There's a 5 page preview if you follow this link...


But for lazy fuckers...








Chris said...

Hi Rufus,
Just wanted to say that I like the artwork on the Tank Girl strip, it really takes me back to the early 90s! I don't buy 2000ad any more, but I "discovered" your stuff after reading an interview you did with the godlike Mike McMahon. Since then, your distinctive name has stuck in my head and I came across your blog t'other week - I think there's probably more to it than this, but it seems like you're a comics fan like me who's managed to actually "live the dream", so congrats on that and I'm not jealous at all! Keep it up mate,

harpoongirl said...

Your work is amazing. Can't wait another 6 days to pick up the next tank girl.


Stevyn Colgan said...

Looking pretty damn good Roof. I owe you a pint next time I see you!